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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Guest Blog Entry: From Councillor Susan Anderson

"I've always enjoyed walking and for the last 3 years or so have been a walk leader for the Harrow health walk scheme.  Many of the walk leaders do weekly walks throughout the year.  Because of my other commitments I don’t have time to do this but I enjoy leading a monthly walk along the Belmont Trail in the summer.

Because I live close to Harrow town centre and the Civic Centre walking is the obvious way for me to get about.  This is great except when it rains (I hate sitting at work or in a meeting in damp clothes).  This month I was able to rationalise my dislike of wet weather as I had a rain related accident – hopefully a first and last.  I was walking up Station Road to work, stepped on a wet metal grating around a  tree and fell flat on my face.  Of course  I leaped up pretending nothing had happened. Which was about right, as all I had to show for it was a minute graze on my right hand.  However I have been avoiding metal grids since then and have managed to stay upright. 

I enjoyed the switch on of the Christmas lights in Harrow town centre on Saturday much more than I expected.  The Mayor did a great job counting down, ably supported by a crowd keen to see X factor hopefuls MITSOTU and Kye Sones.  The girl from MITSOTU and Kye were great, really entered into the spirit of the thing and kept everyone entertained.  Great to see this kind of event in the town centre encouraging people  to “ Shop Local”.  

On Sunday I had some newsletters to deliver locally and was looking forward to a walk in the sunshine.  But by the time I'd done some housework and answered a few e-mails  I was thinking I’d have to run round with the newsletters rather than walk.  I didn't want to wait for my husband to come home with the car, so for the first time in ages I got my bike out of the shed and pedalled round the ward. It was great, and I saved enough to time to stop off and have a chat with a pensioner friend who has not been keeping too well."

Councillor Susan Anderson is a walk leader, Harrow resident and Councillor for Greenhill ward.

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